Friday, February 12, 2010

ou would think I would have grown out of this by now

So here is the deal

I'm 27. I have been married twice. I am a mother now. I have graduated from collage.

So why in the name of all that is holey am I still making stupid mistakes?

I lit a pot holder on fire.

by accident of course but come on!

It was sitting on a burner, Not the one I wished to ignite but that makes no difference. Because I turned on the wrong one and TA-DA! the smell of synthetic fibers roasting away on an open flame is now prominent in my home.

Will I never grow out of this

*head desk*

Monday, February 1, 2010

Book reviews and life!

I am so bad. It has taken me a month to read this book! Ach! It has never taken that long for me to read anything. But i finished it and here it is!

The King and Dr. Nick
by George Nicholopoulos M.D.
with Rose Clayton Phillips

I am an elvis fan so reading a book about his final private moments intrigued me.
I was in shock to find out that unlike what media made him Dr. Nick was in fact a close personal friend of the singer and in fact trying to heal his failing health.

A book about friendship, spiritual strength, and the last moments of the life of a man whose private life was made public. Filled with pictures and true accounts it shows a behind the curtain look at the price of fame and the value of redemption. written from the personal physician of "The King"

This book was slow going at first (although that could have had a lot to do with you know...the new baby) but if you like reading true story type books about unlikly friendships and spiritual redemption as well as standing tall in the face of tragedy then you will enjoy this book.

Happy Reading