Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's not always a bad thing...

Ok so I am not gonna lie...I love make-up...and hair products...and clothes...and shoes (oh dear sweet lord do I love me some shoes!)

i always try to look good when I leave the house...or at least you know...normal.

Now that the website people of walmart is such a hit I am so incredibly paranoid about how I look when we go grocery shopping it isn't even funny. I know I know...t shirt shorts ponytail socks and shoes...should be fine...maybe some base powder and lipgloss.

But I am pregnant now to...and although everyone who see's me knows I'm pregnant...I don't have the typical "baby bump" other words...i feel I look like the stay puft marshmellow man.

I just know I will be on that website one day...and I also know it is parania to the max....

*sigh* 7 months down 2 more to go....maybe I will just stay in doors for the next 4

(although if the weather doesnt change real in cool the eff down...that may be a very real possobility

Saturday, October 17, 2009 get a gold star!

So long story short D has not seen his bio-dad since he was 4. His father actually passed away when he was about 14. And as far as he is concerned his dad is the man who raised him (techniclly his step dad)

a week ago a woman on Myspace wrote him a message asking if he possiblly was her nephew whom she has not seen in many many years.

He is.

Funny thing is this...He didn't know his dad had any brothers or sisters...apparently he has 7! And D's paternal Grandmother (Whom he vagly remembers and though had pased away at this point) is still alive and has been serching for him as well for years.

in a matter of days D's family has doubled.

His mother was so happy to hear that his aunt had contacted him and his dad assured him he did not feel any negative feelings about him talking and getting to know his bio-dads family (which was very important to D)

Good Job internets!