Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me Monday

Ahhhhh not me much I miss you throughout the week (and go me...I'm totally posting on Monday!). I had a not so crazy week. I mean really. everything was so calm and it was nice.

It was nice that David did not get a Friend request from a hot girl who wrote him a message telling him he was "hawt" and that of course did not make me in any way shape or form jealous...nope not me.

I did not offer sexual favors to him in exchange for watching Sweeney Todd on our movie night (even though he actually wants to see it...he just doesn't know that yet!)

I did not get totally creeped out being home alone for the past few days when I got home before David.

I did not break yet another glass (really we should just use plastic)

and I most certainly did not cut my self cleaning it up)

I did not get just a little too happy when David brought home a box of string cheese from the warehouse either

on a serious happy note I have joined a new site which I love called Fit Day! and it charts my progress and counts my calories and I can see my weight loss even though I can't actually see it yet and I looooove it!

Happy thoughts!

Michelle"Brina hope your having fun in Hawaii!"Gasaway

Monday, March 2, 2009

Not Me monday...

I rock! I am actually doing this on a monday! LOL!

Now this week I didn't do a whole heck of a lot. I didn't for example get into a car wreck and end up in the hospital. I didn't call the labor board o my boss because she hasn't paid me in six weeks. I didn't decide to leave and find a job else wear because of lack of pay and religious reasons. I didn't give up coffee for lent and then decide it would be better for everyone involved if I gave up soda instead. I didn't Lay in bed all day the day after the accident because of exhaustion. I also did not get chased down and cornered by a turtle at the apartment complex...I am such a wuss! I didn't have to "Put down" my chia pet because he was looking kind sad and I totally did not entertain the idea that I needed to buy the newest chia pet which is the chia Obama. And I did not for one second think "oh that is so much better than those stupid quarters!" nope not me

(side note. Although I did not initially vote for him I am so pleased that he is doing well in office and prayed that he would succeed. He is to important for me to want him to fail; and that isn't nice anyway. I just dislike "commemorative" things on any level)

Happy Thoughts!

Michelle" My feet are freezing" Gasaway