Thursday, August 25, 2011

Someone needs a lesson in costumer service...

Ok. so here goes. My last blog post was a book review for booksneeze.

Booksneeze is of course sponserd by Thomas Nelson publishing and it does cater more twords christian lit. BUT there are also biography's and some mystery thriller etc.

and I have been a member for over a year. and I loved it. free books. what's not to love.

well...there costumer service that's what.

Im not sure what I did. I must have broken some rule because this week I got kicked out.

which sucks...but it's not what upsets me. It's the fact that not once was I told I had done something wrong. and when I sent an email asking what happend...from 2 diffrent emails and on the facebook fan page...i was ignored and deleted and blocked from the fan page...

way to run a good buisness booksneeze!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Book review day!!! The Bone House by Stephen R Lawhead

Today we have Book Review for The Bone House by Stephen R Lawhead.

This book picks up where the first one (The skin map) left off. Kit has been rescued by Mina who it seems has mastered ley travel. Of course Lord Burleigh and his burly men are of course on the tral accompineid by Lady Fayth. a few new characters are introduced and we are given a glimpse into how Lord Burliegh became who he is, and a set up for a great conclusion.

I was actually really excited to get this book as I had received the first one through booksneeze and really enjoyed it. I was happy that the author included a summery in the beginning of the book. It kept me from feeling confused about where he left off in the actual story. So let's start out with the good.

I loved the character development with Lord Burleigh. Giving him a history instead of just saying "he's the bad guy...because he just is" was wonderful. The story once it started going was really quite good. I also liked the explanations about ley travel although I can also see where they might be a little hard to follow.

One thing I however did not like was how all over the place it was. In the first book there was an order to the story but with this one the transitions between the multiple story lines was not nearly as smooth and I found myself actually having to go back and re-read certain chapters to understand the story better.

BUT all in all I did enjoy it and am super excited about the next book in the series which according to the dust jacket comes out next year. I would recommend this to friends who like this genre of book because even with some hard to follow parts the author as always has done a great job!

I revived this book from Booksneeze free of charge and neither booksneeze nor thomas nelson publishing had any influence in this review. all opinions and statements are my own.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

And the Bad mommy of the year award goes to...


fuck that.....

it goes to this woman


That's right octomom...

yeah maybe I am a jennie come lately with this one...who knows.

I think the thing that bothers me so very much about this is the fact that she is so irresponsable. She wanted pregnancy and babies and wanted others to pay for it.

and the unfairness of it all. I want another baby. it's august...8 months into the year...of the 8 months i have been pregnant 3 times. all of them ending to soon.

So as I sit here having a miscarriage and wallowing in angry grief frustration and self pity...I am also judging another mom...which would normally make me feel like ass...

but for right now...this's ok.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's Book review time!!!!!!!!!

ok so this week I finally recived and read Thunder Dog The true story of A blind man, his guide dog, and the triumph of trust at ground zero. By Micheal Hingson.

And I liked it. I really liked it. I was expecting the whole book to be about 9/11 and their escape from tower 1 BUT was very happy to see a lot of the book was also about hiis life growing up blind the challenges he had to overcome and the new technology created for those who are blind. I likeed how he explaind the relationship with his dog as well as the time and training thagt goes into guie dogs.

This book also has given me a new view on people who are blind and how I treat them. Not that I treated them bad but I did treat them more with pitty than with respect.

The descriptons were done really well and I really felt like was there n the stairwell with him.

I would definantly recomend this book to anyone!

I recived this book free of charge from Neither booksneeze nor thomas publishing had any influence on this review and these opinions are my own.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Where did she go???

Penny is 18 months old now...a year and a half.

Less than 2 years ago...she was like this


A year ago she was like this...

Sitting up but not yet teeth. A little hair. no talking. but big smiles. Playing with toys ment grabbing them and shoving them in her mouth to nom on them or shaking them. feeling the textures.

And six months ago we were celebrating her 1st birthday.

and somehow...somewhere she slipped away from the "baby" that she was...because now...

She walks, runs, climbs. She chats with people and objects. she give hugs and kisses and pats on the back. She is independent and pitches fits when told "no" Playing with toys now consist of her rocking her baby dolls or "reading" her books. Pretending to cook and playing hide and seek.

*sigh* I don't know when it happend...she was just born!