Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Saying Good-bye

They say the past should be left in the past. I agree. But it's hard. I still have a lot of emotional scares and pain from my past relationships. And today I took a big step in letting them go. I deleted and blocked them from facebook. I have to say good-bye or myself and for my sanity.

I have tried this before but the problem is I still have friends that also are still friends with my ex'es. kinda hard to forget when they keep being brought up. So today I announced that no one was to talk to me about them. If i bring them up then people are to change the subject. i will get them out of my lie for good.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

my favorite moments...

Rocking her to sleep. I don't do it a lot anymore. since she has been in her toddler bed (december) I have done it maybe 5 times. But I still love it. It's because of her hands. tiny. delicete. her fingers gently strocking her blankie or playing wih my hair.

I want to cry about how big she is now. year ago she had no hair and couldn't crawl. now she has a full head of hair and is running jumping clmbing all over the place.

In part I think that is why I want another baby so badly. I miss it. want to have the snuggles and the new baby smell.

of course this time s diffrent. with a toddler in toe!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ketchup's a veggie...right?

So way back when penny was nothing more than a second line on a pregnancy test...I began (in my mommy excitment)to play the never will I ever game.

And it seems the older she gets the harder it is to keep those never's as never's

three in particular are coming up now.

Never will I ever feed my kid cheap boxed mac n cheese or chicken nuggets unless it's a birthday...and then not until she is 10

She had Chicken nuggets for lunch...with apples and I balanced it.

Never Will I ever Allow my child to run around in just a diaper.

ok so this one still stands...but only because She can take her diaper off if she isn't wearing pants...

Never will I ever serve my toddler a meal without veggies...

see above lunch menu for the day...but....she also had ketchup...that counts as a veggies right...RIGHT!?!?

Franky the longer I am a mommy and the more I get used to it the easier this stuff is getting. The less I feel like a bad mom. The less I feel like a failer for not being perfect...because I know I am a good mom...and thats enough.