Wednesday, March 31, 2010

controversial? probably

I was on medicaid while pregnant. my daughter is still on medicaid. We have never recived her card and have to print one out every month from the computer. She is getting her shots on friday so I today went to print out her card fro the month of april.

Imagine my surprise when I see it says she is not coverd because she has coverage already under a smilar programe...uhhhh how bout no medicaid.

I was on the phone for about 2 hours clearing it up.


And the new govermnet health care programe is supposed to be any better? seriously?

How bout bout we fix the programs we already have to help people before we try to start anymore...sounds good?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Things i miss

4 years ago i was single. I love my life now. wife, mommy, teacher, and cook but there are things I miss.

I miss meeting new people all the time. Don't get me wrong I don't want to go out and meet a new guy but i miss going out with a group of friends and meeting people at the club or bar or comedy house that I was unlikely to ever see again but still bonded with over music and laughter.

I miss the freedom of getting up on my day off and just going to the beach. No planning a week in advance or taking an hour to get out the door and no lugging around 20 extra pounds of stuff.

But that is all I miss.

I don't miss the loneliness. The looks from people as i would sit alone in a cafe reading that said 'the poor girl is all alone".

I don't miss the guys who thought of me as desperate and easy because i was not dancing with one guy in particular.

i guess just looking at my life over the last 4 years and the changes that have happened it seems like that single girl was just so lost...but having fun trying to find her way!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Mommy saves money is having a giveaway!

My god these mary janes are adorable! I have to say this blog is fast becoming one of my favorites. It's not just giveaways it's also the best blog fro saving mony!

cross yer fingers for me folks!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I do love blogging...I swear!

So I know I have readers. I know some in real life and some from the interwebz. I also know some are anon. I would love to write a blog answering questions aboout myself that my readers want to know....BUT...That would require me to ask my readers to ask questions...and if no one does...I will be vury sad!

So here is part 1

Name: michelle
Occupation: mommy, wife, chef, houskeeper, teacher and ummm lovebunny to my hubby
Favoite color:pink
Favorite fewd:curry chicken and couscous

I will answer more questions with each post. If you want to ask a specific question please ask away!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

because who doesn't love saving money and getting free stuff!

I know I do!

Last week I got a really cute pair of baby legs. I also get free books. I get free haircuts and manicures from friends in cosmo school and so help me i love the free stuff section of craigslisgt.

And now...another giveaway!

You may have noticed a new button *points to mommy saves money blog button*

Which is one of many ways I will be entereing.

Because she is giving away a pom pom hat! *squeak*

now here is the thing before people start screaming Capt.! You cheap woman! buy her a hat don't just pretend to like a blog.

Im not. She is one of my fellow bumpies and Her blog is great a source of wonderful info so go cheack her out!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Baby legs

ok so it's a fad...yes.

and yes i understand that leg warmers are an "80's" fashion and i myself am only 27 and being I was born in 83 I am disqualified from i love the 80's stuff because I was to young to love it.

But I love baby legs!

and this loverly mommy blogger is doing a giveaway.

As you can see from the comments...i really want these leggings!


This is also a great mommy blog so I would totally read her stuff if you can!

cross yer fingers for me and have a great day!