Wednesday, October 20, 2010

9 months

you know when I first found out I was pregnant I thought i would be able to do all of this awsome stuff. like write a letter every month to my little appleseed until she was born. And then write a letter everymonth with updates to her till her first birthday....obviously that didn't happen.

SO i made a new goal. I will write her a letter every year on her birthday.

but because I am a proud momma...I will post her 9 month stats

weight 15.9 pounds (yes she is a peanut)

Height 22 inches (and she's short lol)

Hair strawberry blonde

eyes blue

She crawls says momma and dada and bables. She pulls up and cruises the furniture.

I love my daughter so much :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Momma saves money...and the little tike giveaway adventure

Well...I assume my readers know I have entered a giveaway for an awsome toy for penny for christmas...if not go here and check it out stratagy is hard core this time. any and all ways of uping my chances I do.

blogs stustus updates on the facebook...and twitter.

Which i never really wanted to do in the first place.....but oh...I totally opend and account for the giveaway! lol

Do I think I will win?

it depends on when you ask me.

Sometimes I am so sure I will win that i am all "YES! We will win and christmas this year will be EPIC!!!"

and then sometimes I'm all" meh...if we win that's awsome and if we don't it's ok too"

and then sometimes I am all
"I know we won't win and that sucks! but damnit i will do everything in my power to try!!!"

Le sigh!

*crosses fingers* gawd I hope we win!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

What did you do today?

We went for a walk and watched the koi fish swim. We feed the duckies. We put our feet in the pool and splashed in the water.

We ate spagetti and listend to The Beatles in honor of John's birthday.

We played in bed and made cookies.

so what did you all do today :)

Myspace Facebook twitter...ohhh my

I started out on myspace...It took about a year but once I got the hang of it...i loooved it.

I loved blogging, I love decorating my profile page. I loved uploading pictures...

and then facebook came along and myspace became...welll...kinda like the slums.

Empty with the exception of struggaling artist and shady characters.

but I do still love me some myspace.

Then came face book which was cool since i have a lOOOT of family on there.

and now to twitter. I can't write as much as I would like but I do like usiing it to be able to Tweet about giveaways.


the whole social networking age has officially taken over...

what in the world di we do before cell phones and voicemail and caller ID and social networks.

Sometimes I miss the days when you could just write a letter (ok fine email) or call someone and if they werent home or avalible...they would just have to call back.

Friday, October 8, 2010

And the second one

I love this lady!

Here reviews are awsome and spot on.

and her giveaways are to die a matter of fact...

I have in fact won the cutest pair of shoes ever for penny when she was a wee one.

and now here i am again...

crossing my fingers and hoping for the luck of the irish!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mommy saves money blog giveaway!


Like seriously how stinkin cute is this??

SO let me tell you why I so badley want to win this.

As you guys know D just got a job.

but being out of work and taking a paycut...

We are broke financially.

which means christmas this year...just aint gonna happen.

Do you know how much it sucks to not be able to get your 1 year old (ok 11 month old) a christmas gift when everyone else will be?

No she wont notice..but we would.

Soooo If I win this...the box goes into the top of the closet so on christmas eve night mommy and daddy can put it together...and put it up next to the tree.

keep those fingers crossed folks!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oh what i want to be...

Does anyone remember that song?

Oh what I want to be...
What I want to be...
When I grow up to be big me!

OK yeah...I'm a dork (it's from an old kidsongs video btw)

But it got me thinking

What do I want to be.

I want to be creative.

I love taking pictures...especially of my family.

My facebook page has literally HUNDREDS of pics of us (OK of penny mostly)

today penny was using her walker as a jungle gym. I snapped about 5 pics and uploaded them to her 8 month album (yes I have them all separated by age with the first 6 months condensed. I will do the same when she turns a year. and I swear not to post more than 1 time a month after she turns one!)

The thing is I have family who I never ever get to see on facebook and I looove that my grandparents (who i see MAYBE 1 time a year) get to see her "growing up".

But could I be a good photographer? probably not.

i can't draw or paint. I play the piano OK and my singing voice...well lets say I am average. I am not great but i wouldn't send Simon to psycho ward either.

I am slightly crafty but nothing special. I can make a badd azz tutu...but everyone I know can make those and if you type baby tutu into google a bazzilion sites come up selling the things.

I want to be a teacher.

That's what I want. That's why I got my degree.

But that is still about 4 years away. I knew I wanted to stay home when the baby was born.

and If we have another before she starts school (or after) I will want to stay home then as well.

So what do i want to be.
What makes me special?

I don't know.

But penny does.
And so does my husband.

And to me...that's all that matters.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Am I the only woman who feels this way???

I have a friend. He is a male friend. and he is a horndog.

5 years ago I thought his behavior was mildly amuzing but borderline annoying (seriously....who likes having a convrsation with someone that gets interupted every 5 minutes because a hot girl walks by)

Now...well lets just say the constant refrences to MILF's and other fun terms for women is wearing thin.

Don't get me wrong. I no LOVE compliments.

But sometimes I wonder if I am alone in disliking the super charged sexual ones.

Yes I am a woman.
Yes I have curves.

but am I not also a person?

I mean...I'm not just some "real doll" sitting around waiting to be bought for someones pleasure alone.

So my dear readers (all 16 of you...because I know you are reading this rebecahhhhh!)

I pose this question.

Do you find it annoying when someone looks at the opposite sex as nothing more than a sexual object?

Or am I just a prude (rebecahhhh and laura because you know me in real life I know you are laughing your butts off at the thought of anyone considering me a's ok lol)

Monday, October 4, 2010

I am woman...hear me...puuuurrr...

I always considerd myself a femanist.
We are all equal.

When I was growing up I wanted to be an actress or a buisness woman.

I used to picture myself in buisness suits with sleek hair and great shoes making 100 thousand a year and living in a posh apartment in manhattan. I always wanted to be a mom. Always. But in my dreams I would send my 4 beautiful to a ritzy private school and have a maid to clean up my home.

I also had a really hot succesful husband and we would take great family vacations all over the world.

and all of this would be accomplished by the time I was 30.

I am 27.

Do I have a job making 100 thousand a year? no
Do I own even one buisness suit? nope
Do I have any of those things? yes!

I have a sexy husband who I love more than life.
I love my home.
I love my family.

And I am a stay at home mom.

I have a friend who sniffs and sticks her nose up at that.

Yes I stay home cook clean and take care of our child.

but it was my choice.

And that to me is the mark of true femanism.

I am not staying home because I have to...I am doing it because I want to.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I'm baking cookies right now.

chocolate chip...

(ok so i am eating cookies and blogging right now...but the cookie baking accured like 15 min ago)

I haven't baked in so long. I haven't done anything crafty in so long...

But in the past three days...

I have baked, made a halloween costume for penny, made multiple tutu's.

where is this coming from?

It's my happy place.

and lets face it...D being out of work...I really wasn't in a "cookie baking" frame of mind.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

New job...and more

So D got a job. Which is veeeeery good.
it's a warehouse which works just fine. D has to learn some new equipment but he already really likes it.

And that is all we need to say about that.

Hey readers...guess what...


I fininshed P's costume today. and made my first tutu...and since I am an overacheiver...I made like three more.

I felt so accomplished.

I love this time of year. the end.

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!

One right after the other!!

the family get togethers, the food (oh gawd the food!)

the decor and yes...the gifts...not just getting (which is fun0 but the giving.

and this year I am sooooooo excited about watching penny.

Her first trick or treating, Her firt thanksgiving, Her first Christmas...and then

Oh Emm Geee

Her First Birthday!!!