Saturday, May 28, 2011

a Reluctunt Queen...A reluctunt review

ok I will admit. I love the biblical story of Ester. And it is set up for an awsome romantic story.

BUT...i think the auther did not do the story justice.

A lot of it seemed rushed and as it is a story based on historical igures and occurences...I wish she had been more accurate.

It was an easy read and the story did seem to flow (althoguh some of the parts seemed slightly rushed) At the end I was just kind of left with a feeling of slight dissapointment.

now I did enjoy the back story that she made for some of the characters. People who represent pure evil in the biblical text are given humanity.

All in all I will say that I will probably read this again...but it will also end up at a yard sale at some point.

I have been given The Reluctant Queen by Joan Wolf free of charge by
All opinionons of this book in the review are my own and in no way influenced by booksneeze or thomas publishing.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Potty 3 days?

We are officially Potty Trainig. I wasn't ready for it but penny very much was. Only one one...and I mean NO ONE makes underwear small enough for her...*sigh*...

But I digress. She likes to potty. The first time she went on the potty she was so excited and happy. I have even made up a spiffy song and dance rutine for potty time. It's pretty freaking fantastic.

And i expected it to take a 6 months...minimum.

and Then I heard about the 3 day potty training program.

really...three days?

now I know some parents are succseful...but(and this a a huge but) Does the kid feel pressured? Do the parents feel pressure? i guess my thing about it is I hate rushing her growing up. I love her...and want her to be a kid as long as resonable. And rushing the potty training now when she isn't even 2 I am wanting her to grow up way to fast.

But I won't more diapers...seems awsome!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

some's best to just throw the toy away...

I love my mother in law...She's awsome. And besides that whenever we go visit she always has bags of clothing and toys that J has outgrown for penny...but tells me everysingletime...don't keep them unless you want to. now the clothing...yeah always because the are nice and clean and hell I am not one to get rid of clothes that will be used. The toys are always hit or miss. Now J for christmas 2 years ago gopt this toy

and last was handed down to penny. The problem is it is no longer a fluffy white is this...

Of course penny loves it.

I would throw it away...but I am scared it would be sitting in our front step the next morning with like a dead snake at it's feet giving me the evil eye...


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tea and Testimony

MOPS...aka...moms of preaschoolers. I joined about 3 months ago...and I loove it. Sadley friday was the last meeting till august. And it was the Tea and Testimony.

The meeting before our leader got up and shared her story...and I was shocked! She was a victim of domestic violence...and she was talking about it...openly.

I had never shred my story before and for the next two weeks just kept arguing with myself.

Finally...I decded to do it.

It felt like a weight lifted of my shoulders...

It felt wonderful...

and as I walked down from the podium...I could her the song I'm Freeee! playing in my head.

The Skin review!!!

I freaking looove getting free books. especially when i enjoy them as much as I did this one...but before we begine...

I recived The Skin Map for free from Booksneeze. The views and opinions on this book are my own and in no way influenced by Booksneeze or Thomas Nelson Publishing.

ok on with the review.

The Skin Map by Stephen Lawhead.

I love mysteries. And I love mysteries that surround ancient secrets. like the davinci code and the National treasure movies.

So this little Gem was right up my ally. It was kind of a slow start and there is a lot of back and forth between characters, times, and worlds. but on the whole it sucks you in.

The Main Characters are well developed and the story flows. I love that each chapter has a descriptive title instead of just chapter 1 chapter 2 etc.

I was anticipating another "ancient brotherhood" type mystery and was pleasently surprised to find it had more to do with Ley lines than brotherhoods.

It did leave off in a cliffhanger and luckyu for me the next book in the series will be released in Sept. of this year. I look forward to purchasing it and continuing the journey.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So Tired...

So very tired. It is just an overwhelming feeling of exsaution. Yesterday Penny and I were playing in the living room. One moment I was rolling balls back and forth with her and the next moment Penny was nose to nose with me pating my head and saying "momma...MOMMA!" and I was drolling out of the corner of my mouth. By dinner time i had the lightheaded feeling.

I am lucky that i have such an easy baby with penny. I don't know if she and i are just so in tune with each other because i am a stay at home mommy or if it is a normal mommy/baby thing but in the same way i can tell when she is not 110% she can do the same with me.

i thought that having a full nights sleep last night would help but here i sit while penny naps...blogging...and i am once again feeling the need for sleep.

It's like I am back in my 1st tri again. I was so very tired.

I would love to say it's pregnancy but I know it isn't We have six more weeks to wait till we start officially trying again and trust...if I am is only a day or two! lol.

*sigh* I love my daughter and my life but today I just wish I could lay down and take a nap...and actually sleep and not be on the edge of full on sleep...and be thinking "was that penny? When is she going to wake up?"