Thursday, February 26, 2009

My poor guy (and my new claim to fame)

I can't belive I did this. I mean I never get in wreacks...I am a good driver. I have only ever been in one fender bender my entire life (and brina was with me...oh yeah! *hi-5"s brina through the interwebz*) But I have now been in two. Thats right. Luckily I didn't hit another car...just a freakin light poll...damn. The scariest thing is..I blacked out. Not after the accident but before it. I was driving and then next thing i knew...BAM! So I got my cat scan at the hospital last night and have a follow up with a nerologist next week. Poor david on the other hand was waiting at home with dinner ready. He actually called my cell looking for me because I was late and the paramedics answered (side note...I keep my cell down my shirt in bettween my boobs...yea...that was all kinds of awkward!) which of course freaked him the hell out. and then to top it all off he had to walk ...yes WALK to the hospital. Luckily they took my to Dr. Phillips (right of turkey lake) which is about a 30 min walk from our place. I am now sore nauseated and more than a little freaked out and terrified about getting behind the wheel of a car. And the bitchy ass dr was no help. (Do you think this is normal?!?! you could have hit a child! --->(points to me hysterical and in tears) Oh gawwwd!) psh...what a douche nozzle!

Now as to my claim to fame...if your driving down turkey lake tword central Florida Pkwy or down palm parkway towards central Florida...on the corner of CFP...that light pole that is sitting at a nice little angle...oh yea...that's all me!

Sore Thoughts!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Not Me..errr...tuesday

I don't all. ahem that being said...I also did not fall out of a pair of heels I wore earlier this week twice. I did not drive all the way over to Michigan St. in downtown Orlando to meet my new doctor only to call his office after driving up and down the road for 20 min looking for his office only to find out that in fact...he was on Michigan Kissimee (or is it the other way around? ave. st. what ever.) I have not been having mild panic attacks all week because my left hand leg and 3 of my toes have been constantly numb making me believe I am going to have a stroke. I have not left my purse at work everyday since Friday...and it most certainly did not have my paycheck in it which I do not need to pay rent. and I did not (and this is totally gross) break out like a teenager this past week. and the blemishes were not in the weirdest of places like behind and in my ear in my armpit and (eek) one huge painful one...on my boob. Le sigh. I am not totally panicking over the thought of having a cat scan because I mentioned the numbness to my doc and he wants to "check things out in there" to make sure it's OK. I did not get new fish this week that are incredibly spastic. and i did not cry when My beta Marseilles Wallace (whom I got from David on our one month anniversary) died. I did not name the two new fish (which I did not get anyway) after the two hit men from Pulp Fiction. I also did not get two snails for the aquarium and name them Jose and Cuervo.

Michelle"must stop procrastinating...not that I do that"Gasaway

Monday, February 16, 2009

Shoe Porn

Ahhh I thought I had the whole wedding thing under control...but I forgot about shoes....ahhh shoes! I <3>!

I am leaning towards the snazzy black and pink ones in the middle thus far...but that can (and most likely will) change...multiple times!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mot Me Monday...ere...uhhhh.yeah will go with that

I am not posting this on Thursday because I procrastinated all week. I did not log on and look at my blog and think I really need to post a nmm post every single night and then get distracted by something else. nope...not me. I do not have ADD. I have not become obsessed with The and reading post that have been visited by the drama llama. David and I did not have a fight which ended up with me in tears because of fish food. I did not get upset when david jokingly told me I needed to go on a diet after I jokingly told him the same thing. I did not purposely slow down because a dumb ass in a mustang was driving way to fast so he couldn't pass (brina that was for you) and i did not...absolutely did not read an article about normal penises in cosmo and then immediately check davids to be sure his was normal...nope not me!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

So I got some "new" clothes...

Actually they are hand-me-downs from my aunt but that's OK...she takes good care of her stuff...and has great clothes...and they are free! yay! But the best (well for me that is...David disputes this) is that I got a cute little house dress...a brightly colored flowery house dress...all-right it's a muumuu! but even is comfy!!!! although I have to body doesn't look great in it...I kinda look like tracy turnblads mom from hairspray (the Ricki lake version...not the musical! lol) but I don't care...comfort is a wonderful thing! and I promised David it would never see the light of day with the exception of our porch (no one can see it from there lol)

Happy Thoughts!

Michelle"man do i feel good!"Gasaway!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

todays episode is brought to you by the letter "K"

So how special do I feel...cleaver girl goes blog (the fantaboulus ms.Tia) totally tagged me for the alphabet game (cause i asked her to) and gave me the letter K. So I have to make a list of 10 things I love that start with the letter goes!

1)Kaboodles. I know I know...totally 90's and I haven't seen them in fo-ev-ah BUT I still have mine form when I was like 12 and finally allowed to wear make-up...and I will love it...always!

2)Kitchens. I know it's kinda weird but I love love LOVE me some kitchen time! lol

3)Kittens. I have always been a kitty person!

4)Kirk Douglas. mmmmmmm yummy!

5)Kabobs. LOOOOOVE!

6)Kamal (Lotus in Indian). My favorite flower next to pink daisy's with thick stems

7)Kisses. Honestly...who doesn't looooove kisses!?!

8)Kathmandu Valley. one of the most beautiful places in the world!!!

9)Kaleidoscopes. ohhhhhh pretty colors!

10)Kangaroo's. They are the main reason I want to be going to Australia!

So there you have it....the letter K and all the things I love that it starts with! :)

Happy Thoughts!

Michelle" K is wonderful!"Gasaway!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Well so much for that

I am exhausted. I thought i got a good nights sleep. I slept for a full 9 hours. I didn't get my weekend rest but I thought I made up for it. I was wrong. not even half way through the day and I feel like curling up on one of the kiddo's mats and going to sleep. of course the lights be off and the soft music doesn't all! I am also sore. and hungry. But for avocados. And chocolate. which is weird...right? I mean I love me some avocados and I love me some chocolate but right now i just want to sit with some fresh avocado and dip it into a bowl of creamy warm chocolate frosting and just eat. good lord. and its raining so the kiddies couldn't go out to run around and play today. I feel restless. I want to do something. not just work. I want to get a second job (right...most people can't even find a first job right now!) or volunteer somewhere or go to the beach or have an adventure. I feel so weird right now this blog probably makes as much sense as fish banana...Le sigh

restless Thoughts!

Michelle"maybe its the rain"Gasaway

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Taking a break....

Actually I think it is really called procrastinating...and that is something I am really really really good at. I feel like I am about half way done. I mean this was my checklist this morning

1) Pay rent
2)put money on the laundry card
3)get new air filter

(Of course I have to be efficient so I grouped them...the above things were all stuff I had to do i the office)

4)Unload car
5)repack my stuff for storage (condense boxes)
6)Load car with boxes for storage

7)Clean car
8)wash dishes

10)straighten up apartment
12)make dinner.

So see 12 things totally doable before David gets off of work. and it only took me about 10 min. to come up with the min to figure out my plan of which point I needed a break! lol

But like I said the list is smaller now. I'm at the cleaning portion of it so hear is hoping the multitasking part of me will kick in and I can get it finished in about 2 hours giving me more than enough time for...yep another break!

Happy Thoughts!

Michelle"wish I was Mary Poppins....then I could just snap and sing and it would all be done"Gasaway