Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Not me mon...ere i mean tue...oh wait wendsday...not me wendsday!

GAH! Wendsday?!?!? how did I loose two whole freaking days??? I bet it was aliens...I bet it was!

But seriouslly

I did not loose two days because I slept a total of like 5 million hours this week (seriouslly...I am not working this is I suffering from the tired?)

David and I did not watch Amistade last night (Which I have to admit...was the first time I have ever seen it in my life) and I did not

A) giggle hystericlly at multiple parts including the begining when one of the africans is dancing around and moking the two spanish saliors they had tied up and allowed to live)

B) yell at david for not warning me that an infant on the slave ship is killed when the woman holding the baby jumps overboard. (seriouslly have seen this know my movie rules...and an infant death? NOW?)

C) and bust out with "Well isn't that a bitch!" att he end when after all of that...after the slaves are finally FINALLY freed and going back home to africa you find out the leader gets back to find a civil war going on his village destroyed and his family gone because...they have been SOLD INTO SLAVERY! NOT COOL!

i have not been watching marathone episodes of reba this week and laughing loud enough that it apparently disturbed my neighbors (please the walls are paper thin and I have never complained about having to listen to their stupid music!)

I also did not have a mini freak out over a cold cut sandwich (more on the little appleseed blog about that)

and I did not call Planned Parenthood in an agitated state becuase they left a message telling me the date and time for my abortion (they were given the wrong info by another girl apparently).

sigh nope not me!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

to my followers...

Thought you guys might be interested...I started a new blog on blogspot... it's called little appleseed...go take a look if you are interested!

Happy Thoughts!

Michelle"my boobies are in PAIN!"Gasaway

Sunday, May 17, 2009

So david and I have been talking....

nothing all! lol

We were actually going over finances and such. and where we aren't destitute we are not where we wanted to be this close to the wedding. So while the wedding is still totally and completely on the date is probably going to be more like jan or feb of next year. not a huge deal or huge change (plus this gives me more time to lose weight). Luckily we have it all planned and since the only professional we are using is our photographer (ahem...brina..I needs an email as you aren't on the myspace anymore) it shouldn't be that much of a challenge. We mainly wanted to have enough money saved up for a really nice honeymoon trip plus have the credit cards paid off (and on a side note...we only have 300 dollars left to pay! woot!) and a certain amount in our savings account. between the accident and the fact that me working as a sub and going to school and my other job with the rat being on hold because we aren't "Busy" (summer break guys...they're totally busy!) we haven't been pulling in as much lately. Oh well.

We are healthy and together. we have a home and food. We may not be rolling in the dough but we have each other and are blessed to both have work. we make our bills on time every month and right now...that is what matters :)

k...enough with the gushy stuff!

I am going into withdrawals already!

I hate the summer tv schedule!

House! Bones! AI! I need you! lol

And I despise cliffhangers!

Please! Booth has amnesia?!?! WHAT?!?!

And house is in rehab...ok yeah i can see that...but will he be the same house we all know and love?

In other news I got a bunch of "new books" to read from a yard sale.

Circle of friends (I love that movie)

Summer sisters by Judy Blume (according to Cosmo it is a really good read with steamy sex...wait...this is the woman who wrote the super fudge series from my childhood?!?!)

A Child called it.

and three book that had covers sporting corset clad women and Fabio-esq type men that have lots of dog-eared pages and hopefully multiple references to "Throbbing Members"

And as far as the Mormons go. They came back. I sat down with them and explained that I respected their belief's but I was happy with mine and that from now on even if I was home I would not be answering the door.

They sad.

BUT I was strong and also let them know that our neighborhood was a no solicitor neighborhood and if the continued to come back myself and my neighbors were prepared to alert security and the management.

I will probably see them next week.

and one final last note..I HAZ 3 FOLLOWERS NOW!!! WOOT!

Michelle"waves neurotically to all the people who are now commenting and following her blog"Gasaway

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Knock Knock..

Am I the only one in the world who finds it hard to be mean to the Mormon missionary's who come to my door? am I? I guess my thought process goes a little something like this

They are super excited about their beliefs (can't fault them)

They want to share their belief's with me because they truly believe this will make my life better ( problem..I am all for people trying to make me a happy girl)

They are nice to everyone...even the nasty people who slam doors and the ones who make fun of them (and you know they know when people are making fun of them)

I just can't bring myself to be nasty!

so when they do knock I answer the door smile tell them I am a christian and happy with my church (silently praying for god to forgive me for that little lie as David and I do not have a home church yet) and tell them to have a great day.

normally...normally I do this.

Today... on my first day off in oh 6 days....after working 6 12 hour days....I was so happy to be able to sleep about 8:15 am


Me in my nightie still jumps out of bed grabs my robe and stumbled to the door thinking its the cops (unfortunately this has happened enough that I expect it to be them now) because one of our totally classy neighbors has had yet another fight with her baby daddy.

but was the Mormons.

"Good Morning Michelle!" (sad...they know my name by now...they really don't give up do they)

wha...why? do you know what time it is?

"Why Yes It is 8 o'clock on this beautiful day god has given us!" (there were storm clouds behind them)


and with that I slammed the door and crawled back in bed and tried to go to sleep....but couldn't because I felt guilty.

so I got up got dressed grabbed some cookies I made last night...and found them three doors down. Apologized gave them the cookies and told them to come back on Monday at noon.

I am such a sucker.

so come Monday they will show up and try to sell me on joining their church...again. And I Will say sorry i am happy with my beliefs ...Again. And we will depart each others company...for at least another two weeks.

Happy Thoughts!

Michelle "Not how I wanted to start my day"Gasaway

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Summer lovin'

So as the heavens opened up and gave us our first real summer deluge of the season it dawned on me...I need a new swim suit. Now it is no secret that I am not of the La Petite body type and with my weight loss regine still in full swing I am not so comfy wearing a suit that consist of a couple pieces of dental floss a tissue all dyed in some flashy color. so I went online and i have found a couple I really they are all between 25 and 50 dollars and I am indecisive I need outsiders opinion (and not David...I asked him and he said...whats the's just a swimsuit. which one shows more cleavage? boys)

I am leaning towards the red with polka dots and the pink...I just don't know how I am feeling about the large flower on the pink one yet...

anywho....let me know your favorites!

Happy Thoughts!
Michelle"And we'll have fun fun fun till our daddy takes the T-bird away!"Gasaway

Monday, May 11, 2009

I can haz followers? & Not Me Monday

I now have 2 followers (official ones) and what I believe is at least 3 other separate individuals that read my bloggag...but they dont leave comments. come and leave comments! no be shy!

Seriously though i totally feel popular (breaks into wicked song and dance routine)

I only have one thing that I really didn't do this week...

I did not spend my day off alone (that would be today) singing and dancing around the living room wearing an old Halloween costume to the wicked soundtrack and crying while singing Defying Gravity (this song was the first song I listened to when i left the courthouse after finalizing my has sentimental value)

I am so not Idena Menzal...but I think I sound better singing than I did in high school (Thank you church choir! woot free voice lessons!) mainly because I am not trying to sound like Julie or cory or ingrid (the chorus girls)

Happy Thoughts!

Michelle"Sing with me now!"Gasaway

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sometimes you just can't let go. Sometimes you just want to hold on. Everyone has good-byes in their life. sometimes it is the good-bye of a relationship...something you don't want to end no matter how much you know it has to. Sometimes it is the good-bye to a way of thinking when you realize that perhaps you were wrong. Sometimes it is the good-bye to people. People who make a difference who no matter what you think of them or if you feel they have wronged you in order to move on you must say good-bye. and sometimes...they leave you unexpectedly. They are there hugging you good bye telling you they will call you later on in the week and 30 min later they have been in an accident or suffered a fatal attack from some undiagnosed illness. You still must say good-bye...but sometimes it takes a while.Going through all my pictures I realized how I have not said my good-byes to a great many things. I hold onto them and press them to my heart wrapping my need around them until they are imprinted on my soul leaving their marks like a fossil in a piece of stone. The feelings of bitter anger loss and resentment becoming hard like a diamond from coal. This is not healthy.But yet i can not force myself to say goodbye to all of it at once. So I will do it over time. Starting small. Saying good-bye to the lost love from high school. The boy who broke my heart with his promises. The one who made me feel beautiful and worthless all at once. The one who I was not good enough for unless it was a secret unless no one knew.Reflective Thoughts!Michelle"Good-bye"Gasaway

Dear sir,

I was asked by your assistant manager not to say anything to you. To let him handle you in his own way and to not get involved. I promised i wouldn't but I need to write this down anyway so I don't continue to see red every time I think about you. The two of you have been working at the plant for a little over a year now. he has taken off 3 days. You have taken of 19 days...14 of them withing the first year. You were payed for all of those days. He took off a day for illness a day to move and a day to take care of the care after a wreck...he didn't get paid for any of them.

You take off of work because your ferret died or to go dance naked in the woods at a pagan festival or because your roommates grandmother is in the hospital after having a stroke.

He takes over when you leave and does the job short staffed. you call the other plant and beg them to send help when he is out. He makes you look good and cleans up all the messes you make. He covers for you and never throws you under the bus with the big wigs.

So How dare you call him yesterday to see how things are going in your absence and respond to him telling you about the various problems around the plant which he took care of with "Sucks to be you" and not "Thank you so much for the great job you always do. I know I can count on you and I will make it up to you on Monday when I get back"

Well guess have abused your power one to many said sucks to be you...oh no my dear come Tuesday at the managers meeting at winter garden...It will suck to be YOU!

In case you didn't guess...D's on my "S" list and the only way I can keep myself from going to his house and straight up throat punching him is by writing him this letter...a letter i know he will never see (as he does all his blogging on myspace....where he is Mr.popularity)

But this does make me feel better

Happy Thoughts!

Michelle"has found an outlet for her anger" Gasaway

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I hates it!

So i started a new thing on my blog at myspace called cooking with cleavage. Nothing fancy...just a slide show with what I am making for dinner and my cleavage as the star. And my readers seem to really enjoy much that they want me to make a separate cwc page. Which feeds my ego and makes me blush *Bats eyes like her granny taught her*. But about 2 days ago one of my readers (who btw I have on more than one occasion had strong words with...and he is also one of these people that you just groan when you see him or see that he is responding to anything you may have posted. Asked me (in a comment in my blog) if he could have permission to do "Something kinda similar" on his response "but you don't have any cleavage"

to which he says"But my wife does"

ok so before I go on I have to say I was a little irked that he wanted to copy me using his wife...the I was really pissed that he wanted to copy me at all. being the classy lady that I am I told him no he could not use my idea but that if he wanted to do a cooking show as well then go ahead and do it but come up with his own unique thing (srsly his name is creative dragon...I mean come on..I had 3 ideas for a show immediately). He seemed to think I was being unreasonable but and I quote "I will be the adult and back down. I think your being's not like I was going to use the name cooking with cleavage just the set-up and concept and slide show form"

k...did you get that..I'm being childish because i didn't want him to steal my idea put a different name on it and call it his own?

Am I being unreasonable? Should I have told him go ahead?

Silly as it sounds I just had this mental picture of Cooking taking of and my getting interviewed on the view...I didn't want anyone to steal my dream...that's all

And I am not silly enough to believe that I am the only one who had this idea...But I don't know all the others who did..and they aren't my "friends"

Happy Thoughts!

Michelle"Besides I hate copycats"Gasaway