Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's not always a bad thing...

Ok so I am not gonna lie...I love make-up...and hair products...and clothes...and shoes (oh dear sweet lord do I love me some shoes!)

i always try to look good when I leave the house...or at least you know...normal.

Now that the website people of walmart is such a hit I am so incredibly paranoid about how I look when we go grocery shopping it isn't even funny. I know I know...t shirt shorts ponytail socks and shoes...should be fine...maybe some base powder and lipgloss.

But I am pregnant now to...and although everyone who see's me knows I'm pregnant...I don't have the typical "baby bump" other words...i feel I look like the stay puft marshmellow man.

I just know I will be on that website one day...and I also know it is parania to the max....

*sigh* 7 months down 2 more to go....maybe I will just stay in doors for the next 4

(although if the weather doesnt change real in cool the eff down...that may be a very real possobility

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