Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ketchup's a veggie...right?

So way back when penny was nothing more than a second line on a pregnancy test...I began (in my mommy excitment)to play the never will I ever game.

And it seems the older she gets the harder it is to keep those never's as never's

three in particular are coming up now.

Never will I ever feed my kid cheap boxed mac n cheese or chicken nuggets unless it's a birthday...and then not until she is 10

She had Chicken nuggets for lunch...with apples and I balanced it.

Never Will I ever Allow my child to run around in just a diaper.

ok so this one still stands...but only because She can take her diaper off if she isn't wearing pants...

Never will I ever serve my toddler a meal without veggies...

see above lunch menu for the day...but....she also had ketchup...that counts as a veggies right...RIGHT!?!?

Franky the longer I am a mommy and the more I get used to it the easier this stuff is getting. The less I feel like a bad mom. The less I feel like a failer for not being perfect...because I know I am a good mom...and thats enough.

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