Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Adventures on the Playground

It's amazing how wonderful a little kids laugh is. every time I here one of my students laughing it makes my day. I can be in the darkest worst mood and having the most terrible horrible no good very bad day and when I hear them makes everything so much better. Playground time is my favorite. Inside we use our indoor voices but outside its like the sunshine and fresh air creates the need for loud voices and it's OK. Our swing set has what I call a trapeze bar on it. I was helping my little "cracker girl" on it when all of a sudden she backfliped off and landed on the ground butt first. Upon impact she let out the loudest burp I have ever heard! Before I could ask her if she was OK she started laughing hysterically and told me "Ms.M! I landed so hard my butt sneeze went up through my tummy and came out of my mouth!"

Butt sneeze...That is the best ever!!!! so much better than FART!!!

Happy Thoughts!

Michelle"She will be president someday!"Gatto

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AspergantuS said...

Butt sneeze. That's fantastic! Very funny story.