Friday, September 12, 2008

Family Adventures.

My father is from Arkansas. He was actually born in Ohio but moved back to Arkansas when he was about 3 days old. Like me he his a writer and Love's to talk. This past weekend David and I went to visit him and my step mom for the day. He grabbed David immediately to help him with a project. A "small" Project...which lasted 5 hours. Later on that night as we were driving home David told me what he and my dad talked about.

Baby he knows we live together now.

I know but he said he didn't care.

Yes...Actually he told me he knew we were living together and if we we rent we should since we are having sex...

wait wait you told my dad we were sleeping together?!?!

babe...he knows we are LIVING together...

*grumble* so

*sigh* anyway he said if we aren't sleeping together we should be.

wait...what? My father told you we should be...are you serious?!?!

Yep...I got official permission now! Should I drive faster?

...step on it...

Happy Thoughts!

Michelle" a totally creepy way"Gatto

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