Thursday, July 2, 2009

So I don't normally do this...

Ok so I normally do not call out peoples on the interwebz. If I see you doing something or catch you in a lie...I will call you out to your face. BUT since I have not seen this person in a while and do not usually communicate with them...well I has to do it this way. Sorry but his latest rant de jour blog on myspace concerning the evils of love and matramoniy made me giggle hard core. But before i contimue let me give my darling readers a back story (brina...if I leave anything out I apologize...I was trying to kinda sorta forget a lot of stuff but feel free to add to this if you want mmmkay!)

Once upon a time (2000-2001) In a land far away (Winter Garden/ocoee/gotha/windermere) There was a beautiful princess who was bff's with another beautiful princess in a magical kingdom called High School. Beautiful Princess Brina was in a relationship with a young man who had a younger brother. Beutiful princess michelle was totally (for some reason) infatuated with younger brother even though he was A)4 years younger B)In a relationship and C)Kinda grody.

Princess michelle and erik fooled around for about 3 months before he decided to remain faithful to his girlfriend which was noble but still completley broke her heart and made her feel worthless. In an irronic strange twist of fate...his girlfriend developed a slight Bi-courious girl crush on princess michelle...AWKWARD!

Luckily everything worked itself out and both princess are (thankfully)much better off with out them.

Now back to the story at hand. Erik writes 2 kind of blogs on myspace. He either c&p song lyrics from diffrent bands showing his tragiclly emo (whether he admits it or not) lifestyle or blogs bashing his current ex who eh is "So over" but yet still likes to write about because he is so happy to be out of a "toxic relationship". The break up was over a year ago.

Today he wrote his thoughts on weddings (really erik? weddings?)

I won't go into all the wonderfull advice he gave but one part made me laugh...really hard...

Contrary to popular belief, i was actually raised in a very aristocratic high class style of living. I chose this type of life because that life is something for the weak of mind dying to gain approval from other fakes and hypocrites.

High class living and all the high class parties are reserved for the sycophantic leeches of society striving to be what they are not, fact am descended from such high standings but chose the freedom to be what i want to be, regardless of who i am and what stature i can hold if i so chose to go back to that life. Aristocracy is in my blood and in my life, not a lot of people can say that, but the trailer trash wish for this status so much, even though i love and admire the freedom they have to be themselves.

WHAT?!?!?! dude I went to you house I met your parents...Ariticratic? i think not! But maybe Im wrong. Maybe I missjudged. knew them longer and I belive met more of the family...were they aristicratic?

Happy Thoughts!



ailina said...

Apparently one step up from the trailer park is now aristocratic and high class. Ew, to that whole family. Sorry, but i was involved with Erik in high school, and just.... no.

becoming brina said...

So that's...weird. I mean, no disrespect to his family, but I've known him since a few months before he moved to Florida, at which point i was...12 or 13, i think? So that's going on 13 or 14 years now, and unless they had a vastly different lifestyle before moving, that's just bullshit. Guessing it has something to do with him wanting to be a musician and trying to adopt a new persona with all that?
Weird, though.

Captain Cleavage said...

*giggle snort* Ailina my condolances! but hey look it one more thing we have in comman! :)

and brina...I know right! I actually had to read it a few times and struggle with guilt over being judgmental but just couldn't wrap my head around it at all. i know he was saying a few years ago that his family was royalty in mexico back in the day...meh who knows.

ailina said...

He always did love to spin some stories. Now that i think about it, he used to tell stories about being rich before moving to Florida. Hey, when you're an artist, you just get to make up your own stories, i guess.

becoming brina said...

See, the thing about that (and there is one) is that my great-great grandmother was a Native American princess, and my family has a higher socioeconomic status than his, and i'm not allowed to be an aristocrat, so he sure as hell isn't either. Them's the rules.

Captain Cleavage said...

I agree totally with the ruels brina...totally! but lest we forget...he chooses to live his life the way he does (which if I remember correctlly...may or may not include shampoo and a hairbrush)

(ok that was really bitchy of me...sorry)

(but still kinda true)