Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me Monday_preganancy edition

I know I know. i swore this blog wouldn't turn into a "look at me look at me I'm a pregnant attention whore!" blog and thus far i think I have done a good job. But as I sit down to write my nmm I realize...Everything I did this week pertains to baby here goes

*warning this blog will contain sorta nasty things...just sayin*


So I did not mean...join david in a trip to babies r us to get look at carseats and get totally distracted by everything else that we really reall don't need while trying to convince him in a very mature (whinny) voice that we totally did need things like a mini motorcycle for the baby or a baby sized tiara (seriouslly...come child needs a tiara!)

I also did not get incrediblly snippy when the salse lady kept walking past us and ignoring us helping all the other mommies who were there with babies or at the very least a visibale baby bump and then have the guts to finally aproach us and say "Sorry i wanted to make sure I helped all of the expectant mommies first. So who are you looking for friend relative baby shower?"

And I did not give her the squinty eyes >;( and tell her that next time she shouldn't just assume the fat girl standing in the aisle was looking for a friend.

nope that would have been rude and uncalled for and made someone fell embarrassed.

I did not have to (and folks this is where it kinda gets gross) retire the thongs for a while in lew of Granny panties because the snail trail was getting outta control down there...if ya know what I mean.

My boobs did not get bigger and I did not go decide that I would wear sports bras fro the next 7 months simply to keep from buying new bras.

I have not totally become obsessed with MTV'S 16 and pregnant to the point of screaming things at the television like "OMG! Do not leave that baby on the table un-attended!" or "Geez woman! just leave him...he obviously isn't father material"

I did not get weepy watching a Flintstones vitamins commercial.

And I did not absolutely did not crave a cigarette when i happened to smell my neighbors smoking (no worries though...I quit and haven't lit up once since I found out I was with child.

BUT I did...

See my midwife this week hear the heartbeat and find out I was measuring a week ahead so i am actually 11 weeks not 10! woot! that means only 2 more weeks and i will be in the safe zone! YAY!!!!

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