Tuesday, August 4, 2009

have you ever just wanted to...

call someone out for no reason? before you brand me as the wicked witch of the west let me explain. I got another random message from a former boyfriend the other day talking about how relationships are bullshit and he can't understand how bad things happen and he keeps getting hurt when he doesn't do anything wrong blah blah blah. It is taking everything in me not to write him back and say

A)Who in the world said you would never get hurt as long as you always did the right thing?

B)You have a tendancy not to listen...ever.

C)You make every serious talk into a long random joke via family guy

D)In the relationship everything is about you and your life and getting it back on track. If god forbid your partner needs anything or any type of support then you make them feel like crap.

I really want to write all of this...but can't see how it would do any good! lol

In other random news and events...

brina...irene...are you guys still out there? i miss NMM...I miss pretty pictures and I miss Nic Cage Thursday...I tired to reproduce it but it just didnt work out!

go to you tube and type in mom cancels world of warcraft account...and enjoy. you will not be disapointed i promise! lol


becoming brina said...

hey girl hey! this is the first time i've been on blogger in just...a LONG while; i've been blogging on tumblr moreso lately. i'll try to get a post going here soon! <3 you.
OH and dude-call him out. do it. i've learned in the past week that guys have to hear the truth or they'll never change. so. go for it.

Captain Cleavage said...

brina!!!!!!!!! yay your not dead! lol