Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The great cake massacre of 2009...

otherwise known as why i dislike store bought cake mix!

So D has a sweet tooth...bad! Every night before bed he has one of three things.

1)Milk and dove caramel chocolate
2)Milk and Reese's cups
3)Milk and cake

I usually make a cake for us 2 times a week. I don't mind because I Love baking and cooking and I love cake.

Typically it is either a red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting or a yellow butter cake with chocolate frosting and it is always homemade. But this week we did get cake mix from the store.

I have no illusions that I will be the super mom who looks beautiful has a clean house a clean child a fantastic dinner and still have time to make homade dessert twice a week.

Clean child and great dinner...I can do. Clean house...a must. Looking's me soooo I have a natural fierceness which will shine through...but homemade desserts twice a week...welll...maybe not. So we decided to try cake mix...just to see how it turns out.


1)more expensive. With what we spent on 2 cakes...I could have mad 4 from scratch.

2)maybe it was old cake mix but the cake didn't come out nice. It sank in the middle and stuck to the pan even though I greased them. then when I iced crumbled and tore as I tried to spread the icing.

3)my icing is better...just sayin.

So the end result was something worthy of the website

Cake wreaks!

and it was OK.

that's right just OK. Not "oh baby this was awesome" or "mmmmmmmm nom nom nom"

I also did not have fun making it.

I will just stick to homade goodies and cake mix from the store be dammed!


becoming brina said...

i'm just impressed, dude. i'm non-preggo and only have myself to worry about and still can barely churn out a homemade dessert once every few months. none of this "from scratch" stuff either; oh no-it's from a box or it's not getting done, thankyouverymuch!

Captain Cleavage said...

lol see and with most other dessert (cookies snack bars etc) I totally buy premade stuff (and sometimes the frozen cookie dough does actually make it to the oven...but I do love me some cold cookie dough) but for some reason cakes are the exception.

and you make nommy food anyway so who cares :)