Thursday, September 10, 2009

To whome it may concern...

Ugh...I am being so incositant with bloggin on this page! sorry guys...i get better!
For my triumphant return I give you


Dear red ants who have decided to inhabite our home,
Seriously? We have tried to be nice. We have tried to use alternative pest control so as not to kill yo guys. But you are now taking advantage of our hopitality. This means WAR! Enjoy your time...while it last!

So not enjoying your presance!

Dear people who have no boundries,

To my friends and family who enjoy my company. Yes I love you all and love seeing you and hearing from you. That being said...
Between the hours of 8 in the morning and noon D and I are usually either A) sleeping or B) running around getting ready for work. We unplud the phone so as not to be disturbed so we can continue sleeping or getting ready for the day. if the phone is not plugged in and you can not get ahold of us that does mean you should just "drop in". Call back later or send one of us a message via myspace facebook email text message. we will get it. And if we say " not a good time" or "come by later please" don't get [issy with us. We are not here to cater to your schedual! On that same note when the baby gets here...if you just drop by we will not answer the door. if you knock once and no one answers do not...I repet DO NOT continue to bang upon the door for five min or try to get our attention by yelling "HEY YOU GUYS! I KNOW YOUR HOME! LET ME IN!" through the door. not only is this rude to us but we live in an apartment building and it also disturbs our neighbors!


Tired of D having bad mornings because of you guys!

Dear Myspace'

You know myspace a lot of people are starting to leave you. Many of my "peeps" have relocated to facebook. Yes I do have a facebook account but I still love you more. and do you want to know why? because I HATE APPS! I don't like them or the constant stream of request that clutter up my mailbox because of it. But now you are going the way of facebook and I am dealing with the APPS on you as well...PLEASE STOP!


Don't go changin...I love you just the way you are!

Dear Medicaid,

Please get your asses together!

that is all

Dear spawn dancing around my ute,

Mommy loves you...but really the dance party at 2 in the morning that wakes me up? 2 am??? really?!?!?! I love feeling you move around in there I do...but could you like sleep till 8 is and then move around? this does not bode well for you r future sleeping habits!

Someone who loves you no matter what time it is :)


Heather Solos said...

Found you while blog rambling. Anyhow, I hated Facebook until I learned how to hide the apps. If you look at each wall post that shows up on your page, on the upper right portion there is a hide button. Click that, it gives two options to hide the person who is using the obnoxious app or to hide the obnoxious app itself. Once you hide the app you never have to see it from ANYONE.
It's a beautiful thing. Seriously. I bet you'll hate it less. ;)

ailina said...

Oooh! Try Facebook Lite, too. No apps or junk on there, it's lovely.

Treva said...

When my former boss was with baby he moved around constantly at night and slept all day. On a whim she grabbed a flashlight, turned it on and placed it, light side down, on her belly. She then moved it around until she found the baby's face and he started to turn away from the light. She used that flashlight to "follow" him around all day. That night he slept when she slept. The next day she noticed he was sleeping again, so she whipped out the flashlight and followed him again, keeping him awake. It only took her 2 days, but she got him to be awake when she was awake and asleep when she was asleep.

Captain Cleavage said...

heather and ailina...thanks so much for the facebook info! i have been a busy bee hiding apps all weekend and cheacking out facebook lite! lol

Treva...awsome idea!

To any new readers I have I would love to say HI!

and to my faithful 3 I would like to say...

Hellos ladies ;)