Friday, February 25, 2011

What's new...

so how long has it been. I don't know.

I do know that it has been long enough that I need to update my readers (if they are in fact still reading )

I joined a mommy group. It's awsome! Penny gets to play with kiddos her own age and mommy gets a couple of hours to hang out with other mommies. I really wish i had done this earlier :)

3 weeks ago we found out i was pregnant. A week ago I had a misscarriage.
It isn't my first loss. I haven't grieved yet...I will. but just not yet.
D is doing great with his new job and just got a raise.

Penelope is walking talking and no longer a baby...kinda makes me sad...but in a happy way if that makes sense.

The wieght loss is still an ongoing battle but I am determined to be at a healthy weighy (i.e. 145 pounds) by the end of the year. i need to loose 1 pound a week which i feel is achievable. I want penny to have a good role modle in me and that means being healthy. I want david to have the beautiful healthy wife he deserves...and I am just so tired of being fat.


Megs said...

Still here! Glad life has turned a bit for you! Good luck with the baby making, and hope the next one sticks. :)

Captain Cleavage said...

thanks megs :)