Sunday, June 26, 2011

Book Review! a Place Called Blessing.

Well this week I recived a new Biik. A Place called Blessing by John Trent

When picked this biik I was really excited. O have not yet read The blessong but I have heard about it. I also mistankenly thought this was a true story.

But that was my fault.

I will be frank. I was dissapointed.

It was a short read which is fine but I didn't get any lesson from it abiut the Blessing until after the story and during the study guide.

The begining read well and belivable. Working with kids inn the system I could tell the author had experience as a child being in the system.

but thats where it ended.

I couldn't help but feel like I was reading a script for a Hallmark movie.

It was predictable and pretty mediocore. Withe the exception if Anna I didn't feel conected to any of the characters and Josh got on my last nerve. Mike was a nice change until he got all "over protective older brother" about josh dating his cousin.

I wouldn't recomend this to someone as just a great read but it did have it's moments. I think in a group reading setting and in conjuction with Reading the Blessing it wiuld be fine though.

I recived this book free of charge from book sneeze and the in no way influenced my revie. These are opinions are entirly my own.

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