Saturday, January 14, 2012

The one about potty training.

Penny is two now...TWO! Holy Shit! We decided a long time ago that 2 was the magic age... By two our goals were (in no specific order) no more passie no more bottles Start potty training (finished by 3) Yeah lofty goals lol. Luckiky for us the bottles were done at 15 months. Not because we were yankng them from her little hands but because once we introduced a sippy cup...she had eyes only for those. Even her night bottle was just given up. and the passie...yeah that was gone as soon as she found her thunb. *sigh* not sure what in the heck we will do about the thumb or when. Potty trainiing yeah that started about 4 months ago. She started taking her diaper off and ponting to the bathroom. That was our cue right!?!? She did great. We even had her in panties at lasted 4 weeks. 4 weeks of patting myself on the back and wakling ariund with my "I'm an AWSOEME MOM and my chikd is superior!" face. Annnd then it stopped. rewards pfffttt. she could care less. Walking around nakky with a potty seat within easy accsess? yeah didnt matter. S we were back to diapers... Well she is two now. And when we originally decided to start PT. So here we go. We are doing the Week at home...thing. no more buyign diapers. Her last pack was bought this week. Im scared it wont work. and im scared it will. the diapers were the last of the "baby" things. my little girl is just that...a little girl. not a baby anymore.

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