Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wow God...aren't you the comedian....

3 cousins pregnant. One with twins. and my ute is still empty. This is the thought going through my head for the past 3 weeks. A saddness lingering in my heart. Then something happend to turn it all around. Penny went to my parents house for the weekend and D and I had an amazing time. We went out to eat and had a wonderful meal. There was a toddler at the table behind us that was squeeling with glee and then would change it up to shreiks of NO! the other patrons were shooting angry looks at the parents. D and I just smiled. We have been there. We then went to the mall. D got a really nice new leather jacket. he has never had one. It was more expensive than any peice of clothing he has ever owned let alone actually bought or himself. But he loves it.And he deserves it. I got a Niice new pair of running shoes. We also went in the disney store and looking around at all the toys and dress up clothes...we wanted to get something for Penny. We didn't though. We decided to bring her with us oone weekend and let her pick something out on her own. But we had a wonderful amazing weekend...alone. And I realized that if we have another baby we might not get that again for a while. So in short last night I made peice with not being pregnant yet. This morning when I was getting my coffe I realized that "Aunt Flow" was supposed to show up on friday or saturday. hmmm. We will see how this plays out.

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