Saturday, April 17, 2010

another day another giveaway...

Ironbiclly this time it is not a baby iteam...Its something pretty for mom!
now I am sure my readers (you know...all 2 of them) are going...CC..another giveaway?really? But to be fair lets look at the facts...I dont participate in them all the time. I do read the blog before participating to make sure it would be of interest to me and my readers (both of them.

I admite...I like mommy blogs and cooking blogs the best. im a new mom..and I like to cook. NNow if i ran across a blog that say was giving away a free cruise...and it was about nucelar science or molecular biology....probably wouldn't participate. lol

but back to the giveaway
mozey on over and cheack out this blog., belongs to one of my bumpettes.

the bracelet is lovely and would look great with this new pair of shoes i own!

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