Thursday, April 15, 2010

So Im thinking of a change

Nothing major just condencing the two blogs into one. I originally started this blog just to have an outlet. I don't expect people to come over here in droves and I don't feel that because i blog I should make money...Im not that good of a writer and my life isn't that interesting! lol

But two blogs to try and keep up with is two too many (i also write on facebook and myspace)

So I will write my mommy adventures here as well.

Now on to other things.

Im a WINNER! Thats right...3 times baby...3 giveaways!

1st giveaway (adventures of baby kaitlyn blog) legs. Can i tell you just how much I love these! P's legs stay warm and diaper changes are much easier (my child does not like all.

2nd giveaway-(johnson family blog) tommee tippee bottle this bottle. Maybe it's because she is so used to her other bottles...maybe it's because it has the slow flow nipple...but for whatever reason she was less than enthusiastic about this bottle. I do like the shape (so much easier to hold!) and the shape of the nipple is nice. We will see. I will say this though. She is napping and just ate...if she doesn't spit up after her nap (aqs she normally does) I may change my mind and buy a whole set! lol

my next win was from the mommysavesmoney blog. I won her a pair of the cutest mary jane shoes from etsy. I haven't recived them yet but am totally excited to see her in them!

Well folks thats all for now!

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