Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's day...a day late...

I know...bad blogger. I should have done this yesterday...but I was kinda busy. and i didn't know exactly what or how I wanted to approach this subject in my blog.

I mean father's day in our house honor's so many fathers.

1) D. My husband. Penny's daddy. Our rock. The man who makes the weekends awsome just because he is here...all day.

2) David's dad. Penny's grandfather. my father in law. A man who is like The Godfather, Mic Jagger, Julia Child's and a Gummy Bear all rolled into one.
He raised david from the time he was 4 and taught him about life. He taught me how to make the best red sauce from scratch.

3) My bio-dad. Kenny the great white hunter. I am more like him than anyone else. He taught me how a man should treat his wife and children. Never the absentee dad even though my parents were divorced. He took me on daddy-daughter dates and while i did not share is love of hunting (that would be my older sister)He loved me for all that I was. My sarcasm and quick wit. My love of reading and movies and writing. and in just a few weeks I will be helping him set up a blog :)

4)My step-dad. A man who married a woman with 2 little girls...and has never made me feel like anything other than his daughter. Who nurterd my faith and put up with more angsty teenage girl fits than anyone i know.

and last but not least.

D's bio-dad. he was absent from D's life from the age of 2 on. the last time d saw him was when he was 5. he died when d was 14 but unfortunantly d didn't know till he was 18. but he was 1/2 of the "creative team" that made david. and for that...I am thankful. Without him...D would not be here...neither for that matter...would penny.

So to all of the dad's out there..Thank you...I Love you :)

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