Sunday, November 20, 2011


We did it...we survived halloween and it's looking like thanksgiving will aslo be a drama free zone! Penny (lucky girl) got to trick or treat not once...not twice...but three times! we are still hiding the's my family tradition...the candy gets chucked the day after thanksgiving...along with packing up the thanksgiving decor...becaus the day after thanksgiving...We can start listening to christmas music...and putting up the decor...Woooo-hooo! and this year...I am ahead of the freaking game! all presents are bought (we have a few more for penny) the cards are all filled out and ready to be sent...I am stoked! this time last year david was out of work...and we were struggaliing not just finanically but as a family we were struggaling emotionally as well. we didint know what was goign to happen and last daughters first christmas...was bought by my mom..and through amazing donations. It sucked for me and D as parents. But this year...OH SO DIFFRENT! And I can't wait! Can't wait to bake cookies with penny. to wrap the gifts to turn on the radio the day after thanksgiving and hear the christmas mucic! now...if the weather would just freakng co-apperate! dear florida...COOL DOWN PLEASE!

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