Tuesday, April 21, 2009

awkward dreams random questions and throat punching

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you woke up and WTF didn't even begin to cover it? Where it leaves you with a feeling of what the hell just happened? or was that crap really a dream? i did...last night.

So the thing is last nights dream involved 3 of my relationships and two friendships.

hopefully you will be able to keep up

Myself David and Sabrina are sitting at an outdoor cafe discussing wedding photography possibility's. David is trying (with absolutely no success) to convince us that it would be a good idea to hire clowns for the wedding and that instead of a camera Brina should run around with a pen and a legal pad and just draw everything she See's...because that would save money *aside* (again....he was not convincing us...at all and really he isn't that cheap)

When out of no where Adam and Erik Flores show up and sit down and steal the ice cream sundaes that Brina and i are consuming.
(now just so those of you who don't understand why this would be awkward and would defiantly result in bot guys getting injured...Adam is Brina's ex from high school. His younger bro erik...is...well we will call him my ex from high school as well...and they are stealing our ice cream...back to the dream)

Now being the peaceful loving classy lady that we are we point it out to David who immediately buys us new ice cream sundaes...and then dumps the one's that were stolen over the heads of the two schmucks who stole them. We feel satisfied with the outcome.
Now enters my most recent ex...who pulls up in a 1965 mustang convert able (which is why I know this was a dream!) and informs us we need to get in because...and are you ready for this...a giant tsunami wave is heading our way. At which point we all (and this includes Adam and Erik) jump in the car and out run the wave...which we can see from the back of the car.

Once we are safe the boys get together and decide that as this wave has killed the population that Brina and I are the ones who will save the human race. Unfortunately Brina has to choose between Adam Erik and ex-Dave (I totally offed my Dave to you but we realized that wouldn't work with the whole population scenario)
I don't know who you choose Brina...I woke up. Sorry.

But the dream it self was just...well...creepy!

Most random question of the day

Have you ever thought about the color pink?

ummm well...yes...what about it?

Just wondering if you ever thought about it.

*eye twitching erratically as random person walks away*

I have threatened two people with a throat punch today...they deserved it.

Random Thoughts!

Michelle"I need anti dream meds!"Gasaway


becoming brina said...

Those bitches aren't getting MY ice cream! Also, i would choose Adam...because i've already seen him naked.

Captain Cleavage said...

*snort* I agree. We were to say the least...not happy about the ice cream situation. You were taking off your shoes actually...not sure wht you were going to do with them though

becoming brina said...

Oh, i use my eff me pumps to cut a bitch sometimes. Sorry, should've warned you about that before we went out for ice cream...