Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Not me mon...err...uhhh tuesday

I think i will just let not me Monday fall on what ever day I am able to get to it. not that I procrastinate..at all.

Just like this week I did not totally gt into a slight online blog war with some girl I have never ever met. nope I didn't act like a girl in the locker room in high school (and by that I mean I was not snarkey and nit picky and I didn't "accidentally" start some shit. Not (and this is according to David) the whole girls in high school walk around half naked and end up experimenting with their sexuality on each other like men of all ages apparently think we do...honestly that is stupid...I never did that...i experimented in the sound booth...and my car...and well we wont get into that right now) I also did not totally get irritated with David when he beat my high score on tetras (seriously...would it have killed him to let me be the best at SOMETHING!?!?)
I did not secretly fantasize that I lived in the twilight world and was a vampire just so I could picture myself beating the crap out of those people!
I did not totally bawl my eyes out when Kutner died on house (not as bad as when amber died though)
I did not secretly hope that i would get the flu so I could be out of work for a week. and I didn't use WAAAAAYYY to much cheese in our dinners this week. (when you have a box...yes a box of string cheese two 3 pound bags of shredded cheese and 15 pounds...yes POUNDS of pepper jack cheese...it happens) I have not slept a ridiculous amount this week and I did not start crying earlier because I was thinking of a conversation David and I had about a month ago where he said the music I listen to when he isn't around...annoys him. Let me reiterate...he said this A MONTH AGO and I thought about it today and started CRYING!
I didn't try to figure out how much it would cost to leave America and move to Australia and I didn't look up how much it would cost to go to Hawaii for a week...because Brina...those were all kinds of beautiful pics!

Le Sigh I didn't have a busy week at all...would you agree?

Happy Thoughts!

Michelle"no more cheese!"Gasaway

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