Monday, April 20, 2009

Not me monday

Le Sigh...

I did not this week have to pretend I was pregnant at least 4 times when people (strangers to be exact and one person i haven't seen or talked to in a loooong time) asked me how far along I was in my pregnancy.

I did not get totally excited that I lost 10 pounds only to be depressed again when I started my period and gained about 5 pounds back.

I did not get even more bitter about the fact that my stomach has only gone down an inch and in my sadness eat a whole bowl of leftover mac and cheese for comfort.

I did not totally break down in tears over my weight and the fact that I am breaking out like a 15 year old on our one year anniversary causing David to feel as if he had done something wrong.

I did not secretly wish I could afford liposuction (I have a strict no plastic surgery policy for my life) so I could just get rid of the fat already!

I did not run into my living room wall...3 the same hour.

I also did not forget to pack my P.J.'s when packing for an over night stay at David's moms house because I don't usually where more than panties to bed.

I did not sleep for 4 hours on Sunday when David went to work

and I most certainly did not under any circumstances decide it would be a good idea and romantic to make David watch sense and sensibility on our anniversary

nope...not me!

Happy Thoughts!

Michelle"NNM is my fav"Gasaway

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becoming brina said...

The panties, movie and wall are PRICELESS. I'm so sorry you're depressed about your weight; i know how that is and it sucks :( but you've lost weight and that's freaking awesome!!! Don't let the other stuff get you down, just focus on your goal and the victories along the way and you'll get there. My newest trick is trying a new vegetable or healthy recipe each week; it gives you something yummy and fun to look forward that is actually good for you, and you can celebrate sticking to that goal and all the good work you've done. Love you, and let me know if you ever want to hit the gym with me!