Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The hardest thing

So I finally have started mourning my latest loss. It's hard. Part of it is so hard because the reality of my situation is I am fiunally in a good place with PPD. I feel safe.

The thought of having my toddler and a new baby and possibly having to deal with PPD all over's terrifying.

BUT that being said...

I realize that through the healing process...I ahve become stronger. I think of all of the time lost. and I mourn that to.

I know if I do have another I am surrounded by love and people who will absolutly see me through. I wount be scared or embarressed to speak up.

I will be able to ask for help.

So with that being said I think i am in a place where I can whole heartedly say I want more kiddos. and I feel ready.

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