Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Time with God for Mothers...a review

Time with God for Mothers by Jack Countryman is a devotional book specificlly geard twords moms.

I have been looking for a mom devotional for a while and was excited to see this one avalible.

It was a lot smaller than i was expecting when I recived it but very nice.

I am still in the process of doing the devotional part but I liked the diffrent passages and the way it is set up with devotions geard twords specific situations.
I would say my one and only complaint is it doesn't have any where to write notes or any actual real life lessons. You have to make do with your own journal and figuring out which thing in your life it applies to.

I do like keeping it in my bedside table to read through at night.

All in all I wouldn't say it is a devotional so much as an insipiration book.

I would recomend this to be a prayer heler though.

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