Thursday, July 1, 2010

Did I really lose a day?

No...I didn't loose a day. I lost 2. Thats right baby...@ whole stinking days!

I dislike when that happens. I rememeber them. I know Penny started sitting on her own one of the days and D went all crazy *you rowdy kids stop that skateboarding" on a couple of kids (actually he was pretty nice...but he looked crazy as they woke him up and when he went out to ask them to stop he was a bed headed and wearing pajama pants with little spaceships all over them...don't ask)

I know It was so hot this week that penny lived la vida loco and wore nothing but her diaper.

And I know that I got way to excited about the preview for season 2 of teen mom and jersey shore (I know trash t.v. lot's of adults like those shows though...don't hate!)

and that a new episode of Hell's Kitchen, America's got talent, and Dad camp all aired...

But so help me when I woke up this morning...I totally thought it was monday...


I need to start taking some ginko or something!!!

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