Monday, July 19, 2010

So long...

I haven't had anything to write about lately. Life is life. Penny is 6 months old now. D is looking for another job. He isn't in danger of losing his but he isn't happy. The physical demand of his job takes away from time spent with us on his days off because he is so draind. The stress of the job the stress of not knowing where we will be at in a year (i.e. will he be in the same job wll he have a new job etc..)

Is also weighing heavily on all of us.

Financially we are doing great. But is that enough. I miss my husband. Working the night shift he see's us for an hour in the morning on his work days. On his off days he has things he "needs" to get done.

I understand to a point. But i am the type of person who can say..."it can wait" in order to spend time with my family. This does not in any way make me a better parent or spouse than him of course...just diffrent.

in other news my cousin is getting married in august. Her bridal shower is on saturday. I enjoy her company and she is also a young mom. her daughter is 1 month older than penny. I wasn't planning on taking the baby with me but apparently...I am.

I never assume thats it's ok to bring her somewhere when I have been invited. But I wonder sometimes if people without kids realize just how not easy it is to "just get a sitter" or even if Im bringning her I have to make sure I have EVERYTHING I may possibly need and god help me if she has a shit nap schedual that day.

i never wanted to be that friend who doesn't stay in touch when she has a baby. i have had friends like that. And i was totally annoyed that they didn't just "get a sitter"

I know better now!!

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