Saturday, July 10, 2010

I hate losing weight...

Well to be more specific I hate that my clothes 9none of them) fit properly while Im losing weight and that when i am at my ideal weight i will have to get new clothing.

I also hate the obsession.

ok so here is a good example.

When I got married the first time I weighed ALMOST 300 pounds...and on a 5 foot 4 a white strapless wedding wasn't pretty. I looked horrible.

While on our honeymoon my ex's grandmother died and we had to go to her funeral. all of the family we had seen a week before at the wedding was there...with pictures.

I was mortified with how I looked. So I lost the weight. It took my 2 years to get to the weight i wanted.

Then I went through multiple losses and a just really bad marriage. I lost my job and moved back home with my mom.

Where i satyed well feed for 5 months...and then i moved in with david...where i stayed well feed...all the time.

The day I had penny i weighed a whopping 221 pounds. And I started off the pregnancy at 215 pounds.

I know weigh 175.

I still need to lose weight. At least another 25. i would love to make it 35 though.

*sigh* whenever i start talking weightloss...It alwasy makes me want to go eat a cupcake.

I hate losing weight!

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