Saturday, October 2, 2010

New job...and more

So D got a job. Which is veeeeery good.
it's a warehouse which works just fine. D has to learn some new equipment but he already really likes it.

And that is all we need to say about that.

Hey readers...guess what...


I fininshed P's costume today. and made my first tutu...and since I am an overacheiver...I made like three more.

I felt so accomplished.

I love this time of year. the end.

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!

One right after the other!!

the family get togethers, the food (oh gawd the food!)

the decor and yes...the gifts...not just getting (which is fun0 but the giving.

and this year I am sooooooo excited about watching penny.

Her first trick or treating, Her firt thanksgiving, Her first Christmas...and then

Oh Emm Geee

Her First Birthday!!!


Megs said...

Hooray for a job! Now I can stop obsessively reading your blog posts. :)

Captain Cleavage said...

Nooooo! lol
don't worry you can obsessivly read them all you want lol