Saturday, October 16, 2010

Momma saves money...and the little tike giveaway adventure

Well...I assume my readers know I have entered a giveaway for an awsome toy for penny for christmas...if not go here and check it out stratagy is hard core this time. any and all ways of uping my chances I do.

blogs stustus updates on the facebook...and twitter.

Which i never really wanted to do in the first place.....but oh...I totally opend and account for the giveaway! lol

Do I think I will win?

it depends on when you ask me.

Sometimes I am so sure I will win that i am all "YES! We will win and christmas this year will be EPIC!!!"

and then sometimes I'm all" meh...if we win that's awsome and if we don't it's ok too"

and then sometimes I am all
"I know we won't win and that sucks! but damnit i will do everything in my power to try!!!"

Le sigh!

*crosses fingers* gawd I hope we win!

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