Saturday, October 9, 2010

Myspace Facebook twitter...ohhh my

I started out on myspace...It took about a year but once I got the hang of it...i loooved it.

I loved blogging, I love decorating my profile page. I loved uploading pictures...

and then facebook came along and myspace became...welll...kinda like the slums.

Empty with the exception of struggaling artist and shady characters.

but I do still love me some myspace.

Then came face book which was cool since i have a lOOOT of family on there.

and now to twitter. I can't write as much as I would like but I do like usiing it to be able to Tweet about giveaways.


the whole social networking age has officially taken over...

what in the world di we do before cell phones and voicemail and caller ID and social networks.

Sometimes I miss the days when you could just write a letter (ok fine email) or call someone and if they werent home or avalible...they would just have to call back.

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