Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oh what i want to be...

Does anyone remember that song?

Oh what I want to be...
What I want to be...
When I grow up to be big me!

OK yeah...I'm a dork (it's from an old kidsongs video btw)

But it got me thinking

What do I want to be.

I want to be creative.

I love taking pictures...especially of my family.

My facebook page has literally HUNDREDS of pics of us (OK of penny mostly)

today penny was using her walker as a jungle gym. I snapped about 5 pics and uploaded them to her 8 month album (yes I have them all separated by age with the first 6 months condensed. I will do the same when she turns a year. and I swear not to post more than 1 time a month after she turns one!)

The thing is I have family who I never ever get to see on facebook and I looove that my grandparents (who i see MAYBE 1 time a year) get to see her "growing up".

But could I be a good photographer? probably not.

i can't draw or paint. I play the piano OK and my singing voice...well lets say I am average. I am not great but i wouldn't send Simon to psycho ward either.

I am slightly crafty but nothing special. I can make a badd azz tutu...but everyone I know can make those and if you type baby tutu into google a bazzilion sites come up selling the things.

I want to be a teacher.

That's what I want. That's why I got my degree.

But that is still about 4 years away. I knew I wanted to stay home when the baby was born.

and If we have another before she starts school (or after) I will want to stay home then as well.

So what do i want to be.
What makes me special?

I don't know.

But penny does.
And so does my husband.

And to me...that's all that matters.

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