Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So Tired...

So very tired. It is just an overwhelming feeling of exsaution. Yesterday Penny and I were playing in the living room. One moment I was rolling balls back and forth with her and the next moment Penny was nose to nose with me pating my head and saying "momma...MOMMA!" and I was drolling out of the corner of my mouth. By dinner time i had the lightheaded feeling.

I am lucky that i have such an easy baby with penny. I don't know if she and i are just so in tune with each other because i am a stay at home mommy or if it is a normal mommy/baby thing but in the same way i can tell when she is not 110% she can do the same with me.

i thought that having a full nights sleep last night would help but here i sit while penny naps...blogging...and i am once again feeling the need for sleep.

It's like I am back in my 1st tri again. I was so tired...so very tired.

I would love to say it's pregnancy but I know it isn't We have six more weeks to wait till we start officially trying again and trust...if I am pregnant...it is only a day or two! lol.

*sigh* I love my daughter and my life but sometimes...somedays...like today I just wish I could lay down and take a nap...and actually sleep and not be on the edge of full on sleep...and be thinking "was that penny? When is she going to wake up?"

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