Saturday, May 28, 2011

a Reluctunt Queen...A reluctunt review

ok I will admit. I love the biblical story of Ester. And it is set up for an awsome romantic story.

BUT...i think the auther did not do the story justice.

A lot of it seemed rushed and as it is a story based on historical igures and occurences...I wish she had been more accurate.

It was an easy read and the story did seem to flow (althoguh some of the parts seemed slightly rushed) At the end I was just kind of left with a feeling of slight dissapointment.

now I did enjoy the back story that she made for some of the characters. People who represent pure evil in the biblical text are given humanity.

All in all I will say that I will probably read this again...but it will also end up at a yard sale at some point.

I have been given The Reluctant Queen by Joan Wolf free of charge by
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