Monday, May 23, 2011

Potty 3 days?

We are officially Potty Trainig. I wasn't ready for it but penny very much was. Only one one...and I mean NO ONE makes underwear small enough for her...*sigh*...

But I digress. She likes to potty. The first time she went on the potty she was so excited and happy. I have even made up a spiffy song and dance rutine for potty time. It's pretty freaking fantastic.

And i expected it to take a 6 months...minimum.

and Then I heard about the 3 day potty training program.

really...three days?

now I know some parents are succseful...but(and this a a huge but) Does the kid feel pressured? Do the parents feel pressure? i guess my thing about it is I hate rushing her growing up. I love her...and want her to be a kid as long as resonable. And rushing the potty training now when she isn't even 2 I am wanting her to grow up way to fast.

But I won't more diapers...seems awsome!

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