Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's Book review time!!!!!!!!!

ok so this week I finally recived and read Thunder Dog The true story of A blind man, his guide dog, and the triumph of trust at ground zero. By Micheal Hingson.

And I liked it. I really liked it. I was expecting the whole book to be about 9/11 and their escape from tower 1 BUT was very happy to see a lot of the book was also about hiis life growing up blind the challenges he had to overcome and the new technology created for those who are blind. I likeed how he explaind the relationship with his dog as well as the time and training thagt goes into guie dogs.

This book also has given me a new view on people who are blind and how I treat them. Not that I treated them bad but I did treat them more with pitty than with respect.

The descriptons were done really well and I really felt like was there n the stairwell with him.

I would definantly recomend this book to anyone!

I recived this book free of charge from Neither booksneeze nor thomas publishing had any influence on this review and these opinions are my own.

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