Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Book review day!!! The Bone House by Stephen R Lawhead

Today we have Book Review for The Bone House by Stephen R Lawhead.

This book picks up where the first one (The skin map) left off. Kit has been rescued by Mina who it seems has mastered ley travel. Of course Lord Burleigh and his burly men are of course on the tral accompineid by Lady Fayth. a few new characters are introduced and we are given a glimpse into how Lord Burliegh became who he is, and a set up for a great conclusion.

I was actually really excited to get this book as I had received the first one through booksneeze and really enjoyed it. I was happy that the author included a summery in the beginning of the book. It kept me from feeling confused about where he left off in the actual story. So let's start out with the good.

I loved the character development with Lord Burleigh. Giving him a history instead of just saying "he's the bad guy...because he just is" was wonderful. The story once it started going was really quite good. I also liked the explanations about ley travel although I can also see where they might be a little hard to follow.

One thing I however did not like was how all over the place it was. In the first book there was an order to the story but with this one the transitions between the multiple story lines was not nearly as smooth and I found myself actually having to go back and re-read certain chapters to understand the story better.

BUT all in all I did enjoy it and am super excited about the next book in the series which according to the dust jacket comes out next year. I would recommend this to friends who like this genre of book because even with some hard to follow parts the author as always has done a great job!

I revived this book from Booksneeze free of charge and neither booksneeze nor thomas nelson publishing had any influence in this review. all opinions and statements are my own.

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