Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Where did she go???

Penny is 18 months old now...a year and a half.

Less than 2 years ago...she was like this


A year ago she was like this...

Sitting up but not yet crawling...no teeth. A little hair. no talking. but big smiles. Playing with toys ment grabbing them and shoving them in her mouth to nom on them or shaking them. feeling the textures.

And six months ago we were celebrating her 1st birthday.

and somehow...somewhere she slipped away from the "baby" that she was...because now...

She walks, runs, climbs. She chats with people and objects. she give hugs and kisses and pats on the back. She is independent and pitches fits when told "no" Playing with toys now consist of her rocking her baby dolls or "reading" her books. Pretending to cook and playing hide and seek.

*sigh* I don't know when it happend...she was just born!

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