Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Sunday!

I love and in the same breath...hate sundays. I love them for the fact that we have started doing sundae sundays! And I am loveing the weather begining to cool down. But I hate that it is the end of the weekend with hubby. Penny misses her dad. I miss my husband. I so wish we were independently wealthy or he worked from home. But I am told that absence makes the heart grow fonder. The weather is getting cooler. and running is getting easier. I almost died running in the 95+ degree heat but I am proud of myself for continuing the program. My weight loss is goiing ok...not as fast as i want it to but it's going. I gave myself a year to lose the weight and i feel good so far. I am ahead of my weightloss so when i platue it won't be as bad hopefully. i am thinking of running an extra day a week though. with the Holidays oming up we decided to throw up the decor for Halloween. It's strange to think how quickly this year has flown by and the changes in our life. This time last year d was un employed and we were in a bad place. But things are better now. He loves his job and we (because of somme great financial planning) never got behind on our bills. And we are back in shape...almost. Things are starting to come up again like expanding our family getting a house and getting a dog. adult things. things that are scarey and also exciting.

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