Saturday, October 22, 2011

Weight loss update

Well here we are. Finished with week 4 of couch to 5k. I can run 5 min (1/2) mile without quiting. I wont lie and say it's easy but it is easier than it was 4 weeks ago. 4 weeks ago I struggled runnng for 30 seconds. And something has changed in me. I want to run. I feel guilty quiting and always re-do the run if i don't feel good about it. do i LOVE to run? no. but i do like it :) My current weight is 183.6 Which is a pound less than last week. my weight loss is slowing down but I feel more encouraged this time around. Having people to watch penny while I run or workout with my little sis...not trying to run with a stroller and a million other things...yeah it helps. Having access to a gym and proper equipment and instruction...big huge motivatoer! seeing an end in sight for the weight loss. Fantastic! I am getting imp[atiant about hiitting the 10 pound weight loss point but I have three more pounds (well 4 to make it official) to go. I see the light at the end of the tunnel! as far as my BMI iindex goes (which is something I havent posted about yet) it is at 31.48. Whiich is classified as Obesity BMI between 30 and 40 is classified as obesity actually. Which means I have 1.48 points to go before I am out of the obesity range and into the overweight range. Which is a big deal!!! I am happy and feel great!!

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