Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another weekend without rest

At least for David. We went up to my dads this weekend. He was taking David hog hunting. I never myself understood the attraction to hunting to be honest. You have to get up at like the ass crack of dawn schlep through the woods in a half awake stupor and sit either in a tree or on the ground for long periods of time with out access to a bathroom (I'm not peeing in the woods...ain't happening), heater, air conditioner (depending on the season), or food (unless you pack snacks that make no noise when you open them or eat them and have no sent that could scare away animals) and wait around for animals. but not just any animal oh no...the specific one that you are allowed to hunt! sometimes you get one and if you do you have then haul it out of the woods and will not even get into the whole skinning and cleaning part...icky. I can barley make a ham sandwich with out thinking of Wilbur and getting sad so for me hunting is NEVER going to happen! But I do not fault my father for it and if David wants to learn how then I will not stand in his way. I still eat meat...I just don't want to see it prancing around the forest before I do.

But while David (who BTW didn't kill anything...which I was secretly thankful for) was hunting with my dad my step mom and I were doing girlie things like wedding planning and watching chick flicks. YAY!

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