Sunday, January 25, 2009

Not me...sunday?

So I actually picked this up from Brina...who picked it up from one of her friends (whom I believe is a girl I went to church with when I was younger...but that's neither here nor there) It's actually called not me MONDAY...buuuut it is Sunday and I have totally been neglecting David during the week...and it is going to be pretty short. so here goes

I did not get into a huge fight over house cleaning with David. I was not insulted by his comments about how much I suck at it. I did not act like a five year old and pout for an hour..I'm way to mature for that. i did not stay up till 3 o'clock in the morning reading out on the porch while David slept last night (this morning). I did not go back to sleep after he left even though I promised promised promised him to start laundry immediately.

I think that's know its amazing how much better it feels to see all the stuff you didn't do that may or may not feel guilty about! lol

So I know there was a time before interwebz and blogging...i can't remember it but I know it was there. I need to try and cut the blogs down to only once or twice a week. Although i am driven crazy by the lack of blogs for me to read! lol in a perfect world I would have may wonderful blogs I could write in 3 seconds flat with no spelling errors and all of my blogger friends would be able to do the I would always have something to read! lol

Le Sigh...back to cleaning!
Happy Thoughts!

Michelle"I smell of comet and laundry detergent at the moment"Gasaway

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becoming brina said...

HA excellent nmm!!! Good luck on the cleaning, babe! :)