Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Smells like burnt feathers....

You know most people get hurt doing something stupid once in their life but they learn from it. Some people are just naturally clumsy and get hurt multiple times but in small ways. And some people like me are naturally clumsy but also get hurt in major ways but I never learn. couple that with my natural gracefulness and voila! You have the walking disaster that David is getting ready to marry...god help him! I have fallen up the stairs, fallen while walking in a straight line on even ground fell off a boat walked off a dock and burned my hair off...twice. I walk into walls and constantly bang my head on the cabinet even though I know for a fact that it is still there and hasn't moved. i don't understand why it is that I can't walk three feet without stubbing my toe or sum such thing. I am now getting paranoid about my walk down the aisle. Am I going to fall on my face?!?!? of course I didn't so it the first time and my dress is shorter this time around...here's hoping!

Happy Thoughts!

Michelle"0 days without injuries"Gasaway

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